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PNCW Membership

What is a Cattle Woman and what do we do? The most common misconception about PNCW is that you have to live on a ranch and own cattle to become a member. In reality, the Placer-Nevada Cattle Women are made up of folks with many different life styles. The one thing that we all have in common is that we want to protect the future of the beef industry whether it's to protect our family farm, help our children understand agriculture, or simply that we love the taste of a good steak! We acheive success in our mission by hosting and participating in many community events that get the word out about the industry and raise money to support the future of the beef industry through the youth that will one day take over our mission to support beef.


2023 Officers

2023 Directors

President - Emmily Pruitt

1st Vice President - Myra Davies 

2nd Vice president - Kim Coughlan

3rd V President - Laura Barhydt

Treasurer - Leta (Lee) Melohn

Secretary - Jenna Porter

 Kathie Williamson

Jane Harvey

Connie Watson

Karen Baldwin

Immediate Past President - Sheryl Wilson

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